Herman Munster

Herman Munster was created by Grandpa Munster as a companion to his beloved daughter, Lily. He is father to Eddie and uncle to Marilyn.

Background Edit

He was stitched together from multiple corpses and given life by questionable scientific methods. Grandpa maintains the body and has replaced most parts. Herman's heart is the only original piece remaining. It fails him often but as it holds the love of his family he's not ready to give it up.

Personality and Appearance Edit

Herman is a loving husband and father. He's a gentle soul tasked with controlling the darker appetites of his family. He guides his son through his body's confusing changes and does his best to prevent his father-in-law from enslaving and/or consuming the neighbors. He is a handsome man that might find success as a male model if not for the stitching scars that traverse his body and the zippered flap covering his heart.

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