Grandpa Munster

Grandpa is the ancient patriarch of the Munster clan. He is vampirc father to Lily and the creator of Herman. He is also the grand-father of lycanthrope Eddie and the regrettably mortal Marilyn.

Background Edit

He is a very old-bloodsucker. Whether he is a peer of Dracula and Nosferatu or the inspiration for their legend is yet unknown. He can change his shape from a swarm of rats to a large pink man-bat (a favorite for feeding). He is sensitive to sunlight and requires a proper invitation to enter the homes of mortals. He is a man of science as well, though perhaps not using the same physics fathered by Galileo. He oversees the maintenance of the reanimated corpse(s) that comprise his son-in-law, HermanFor undisclosed reasons he had given up drinking (blood) but has decided to get back on the wagon.

Personality and Appearance Edit

Grandpa sees mortals as either food, replacement parts for Herman or blood slaves. He is fond of lustrous gowns and pompadoured hair. The centuries are beginning to show in his wrinkled face.

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